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We love teaching about the world of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. We are continuously updating and fine-tuning our curriculum to make it easier to understand the evolution of finance and technology. We aim to improve financial literacy, to inspire critical thinking and open minds to revolutionary technologies.

The Art of Storytelling

At Pineo we place great importance on how we explain something. We strive to build stories that have a lasting impact, that connect the dots for our audiences and to inspire critical thinking. Explaining something very complex in a simple manner is no easy feat and therefore we are continuously learning ourselves and our applying our newfound knowledge to our stories. 

Scheheradzadeh in 1001 nights:
The story goes that king Shahryar, on discovering that his first wife was unfaithful to him, lost his trust in women and resolved to marry a new virgin every day and have them beheaded the next morning. Scheheradzadeh, the vizier’s beautiful and clever daughter, volunteered to marry the king to make an end to the killings. Every night she tells the king stories that end with a cliffhanger each dawn, forcing him to keep her alive for another day so she could finish the story. After 1001 nights she tells him that she has not more stories to tell. By now the king has fallen in love with her and made her his queen for life. Her storytelling was so powerful that she was able to change the king’s decisions, make him grow into a wiser ruler and even rekindling his trust in women.


Once we’ve figured out how we want to explain something and what our story will be, we start designing our story visually. We believe in the power of using visuals, icons and animations to help to explain difficult concepts. A visual can say more than a thousand words. It can concentrate and present information in a way that sticks. We are not a fan of stock imagery as it makes everything look and feel generic, instead we opt to customise everything in (y)our style.

Visual Ingredients

Developing a strong and unique visual language to support our stories involves the creation of several visual ingredients:


An icon is a small graphical representation of something.
The aim is to use the least amount of detail necessary to represent each given item. The simpler the icon the better. A set of icons then forms a sort of visual vocabulary which can be utilised in various ways.


Finding the right images for a story can be a challenge, especially when avoiding stock images with their too slick generic look and feel. We aim to use images that are aesthetically strong and contentwise to the point. We tweak and alter them to add meaning, sometimes even humour, and to integrate them into visual style that matches the whole story.


Graphs are a common method to visually illustrate relationships in data. Many great examples can be found around crypto and blockchain topics. We always put in the extra effort to rebuild them (for the sake of visual coherency) and improve those besides creating our own graphs. When used the right way, graphs are a powerful tool to drive your point home.


Clear and precise infographics are able to illustrate complex mechanisms at a glance. Guiding the audience through them with the right words results in a synergy of ‘showing and telling’ that is extremely powerful, especially when dealing with intricate subjects. Animating infographics (motion graphics) can add yet another layer of comprehensibility.

Explaining the often abstract and difficult concepts and systems around crypto and blockchain can be challenging. Compelling visuals that support and guide audiences through the story are essential.


With a solid story and its supporting visual ingredients in place, educational content can be utilised and rolled out in many forms. (Keynote-) presentations, videos, print and online content all have their specific demands while rooting on the same base: Story + Visuals + The Art of Storytelling. We strive to perfect workflows around such a cross-media approach to reach and teach in an effective way, always with the conviction that quality will prevail.

For Whom?

We seek to partner with those that share in our ethos and place value on sharing knowledge about the foundational elements of Bitcoin and decentralised networks. Join us in our mission and let’s create and share quality educational content together. Let us help your organisation or project with building impactful and powerful content to captivate your customers, investors, community and/or employees.